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While folklore says the moon just effects werewolves, reality says it does affect human beings too! Every time there’s a new moon, there have been reports on things going a little off out in the world — people get impatient, kids act weird and so many erratic things take place.

It’s no mystery that the word Lunatic stems from the Latin word ‘Luna’ which means ‘Moon’. Bu is it such a surprise that something that sits so high in the sky and so far from us have such a huge impact on us ?

As we already know the phases of the moon affect the tides of the oceans and that the moon and earth are attracted to one another like magnets. The oceans depend on the gravitational pull of the moon on the earth.

Since the earth cannot hold onto water because it is always moving. the moon is able to affect it. It creates two tides per day approximately 12 hours apart. During the full moon and the new moon, the high tides are very high and the low tides are very low.

Here are a few interesting things researchers have found regarding the Moon and its effects on your health.


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The phases of the moon is said to decrease seizure activity in epileptics

Since our brains are a significant source of water, the Moon’s gravitational pull could similarly have an effect on your brain, causing erratic behavior.


During the new moon, ovulation and conception rates are decreased and most women start their menstrual bleeding.


full moon

People get less sleep around the full moon and even so, the sleep is not as deep as other times of the month. Sleep might also be disrupted a few days before and after the full moon.


The new moon has a calming effect on those with kidney problems but also increases the pain of kidney stone to a very high level.

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