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Come 2019, everyone has suddenly become so much more conscious of their health. In this every growing market full of fast foods, fad diets and unhealthy trends, it is imperative that you stay on your toes to continue in the game.

Cravings and making unhealthy food choices come easy. There’s always an excuse to binge eat or to eat a wrong – a celebration, because you’re sad or you’ve met your friend after too long. But the aim is to remain strong and steadfast. Of course, cheat days are good – provide they are once a month. In fact they help curb your cravings for the rest of the month.

Various diets like the Vegan Diet, Intermittent Fasting, Alkaline Diet and many others have come to light in order to combat worrisome lifestyle problems that ultimately lead to our ill health. Read on to find out health and wellness trends that are sure to dominate 2019.

  1. SELF CARE: What people think of you is no longer as important as what you think of yourself. Making minute lifestyle changes for the betterment of your mental health is in! Devoting a little time everyday doing what you love by yourself, getting pampered or even just relaxing without social pressure is making life so much easier.
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  1. ACCEPTANCE – BRANDS ARE MORE CONSIOUS ABOUT DIVERSITY: With brands accepting that not all people have the same skin colour, or require the same fit of clothes, there is a vast increase in choices. With Brands like Rihanna promoting diverse colour and Vogue including diverse models paving way to the view that everyone is beautiful – we are seeing a change in the mind-set of people.
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  1. NICHE WORKOUTS: No Longer are workout just centric to only Chest, Shoulders, Triceps or Back and Biceps. The New workouts go more along the lines of Kick Boxing, Spin Classes and Aerial Dance. Doing what you love while you shed of those extra calories – Yes Please!
  2. Intermittent Fasting: ‘IF’ is basically 16 hour fasting. Dinner at 8 PM in the night is followed by a late brunch at 12 PM giving the body a change to digest the food, heal and get rid of toxins. The plus side, this type of fasting gives your body a chance to use the existing calories for energy, thereby helping you lose weight. Fasting in the night also gives you lesser opportunity to get hungry. Win- Win!
Intermittent Fasting:
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  1. KIDS FITNESS: Fitness starts early. Not just adults – kids needs to workout too! In the scenario where most of the live a virtual life, some physical activity will only do them good. Dancing, gymnastics, football – there are plenty of choices!

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