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This Navratri, fasting to receive the grace of the deity can also go hand in hand to gaining good health. Fating helps detoxify and clean your body because it gives rest to the body’s vital systems.

The benefits of fasting include balancing of metabolic constituents, cleansing of the gastro-intestinal tract and the organs around it.

While fasting plan your diet according to your metabolism because it plays a vital role. Everything from your current health, to the weight you want or don’t want to lose should be considered. The switch to vegetarian food during navratri is highly beneficial as the toxins due to non-veg will be flushed out.

Fruits like Apple, Orange, guava, and Pomegranate help reduce cholesterol and should be included in your diet.  Lemon juice is a good option for this too.

Vegetables rich in Vitamins are vital to your diet. Having them as a juice is best. You can even add fruits to it to make it better.

Every morning, for detoxification, take lemon juice in lukewarm water. Take almonds and Raisins too because they help increase the minerals in your body. You can also soak fruits in water all day and drink the same water.

If you are diabetic, eat at regular intervals to avoid pushing blood sugar levels too high by eating after a prolonged break.  Be careful with what you eat so as to not worsen your condition.

If you’re looking to lose weight avoid heavy foods like full-cream milk, paneer, sabudana and kuttu.

Avoid full-cream milk or preparations of condensed milk as it can overload the system and can cause lethargy too.

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