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A healthy heart means a healthy you. Heart health is an important issue for both men and women.  Heart disease incidents are on the rise due to the added work stress, lack of adequate physical exercise, consumption of junk food, and a rise in smoking habit.

Heart diseases result in various symptoms like chest pain, shortness of breath, pressure or pain in the lower chest or upper abdomen, dizziness, light-headedness, upper back pressure or extreme fatigue.

According to the Indian Heart Association, the risk factors for heart diseases are:

  1. High LDL cholesterol, low HDL cholesterol
  2. Diabetes
  3. Family history of heart disease
  4. Hypertension (BP)
  5. Lack of physical activity
  6. Tobacco smoking
  7. Metabolic syndrome (high lipids, abdominal obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure) in particular is a stronger predictor for heart disease in South Asian women than their male counterparts.
  8. Elevated lipoprotein and C-reactive protein (CRP) are important in women. They are not a risk factor, but a diagnostic measure.

How to ensure a healthy heart?

One main way you could do this is by eating right. A healthy eating pattern and an active lifestyle are corner stones for a healthy heart. Here’s what you should eat

  1. Fruits and Vegetables provide fibre, vitamins and minerals needed by the body. They are low in calories and contain a lot of heart protective substances.
  2. Whole Grains are excellent sources of fibre and other nutrients that provide protection to the heart..
  3. Poly unsaturated fats and mono unsaturated fats are good fats . Choose healthy cooking oils like olive and peanut oil..
  4. A little Cholesterol is important to keep our body healthy
  5. Watch your weight.
  6. Get Active
  7. Check Up!

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