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Heatstroke generally occurs when an individual has been too hot for too long, whether working, exercising, or simply sitting in a hot environment. Heat stroke is the most serious form of heat injury and is considered a medical emergency.

Heatstroke is a condition caused by your body overheating, usually as a result of prolonged exposure to or physical exertion in high temperatures. This most serious form of heat injury, heatstroke, can occur if your body temperature rises to 104 F (40 C) or higher. The condition is most common in the summer months.

Symptoms of heat stroke can includeHeat Stroke

  • confusion
  • agitation
  • disorientation
  • skin may turn red
  • shallow breathing
  • the absence of sweating, and
  • coma

How to avoid Heat Stroke?Heat Stroke

  1. Avoid becoming dehydrated
  2. Avoid vigorous physical activities in hot and humid weather
  3. Drink plenty of fluids such as water, sports drinks
  4. Avoid caffeine, tea and soft drinks
  5. Replenish your body’s electrolytes
  6. Take frequent breaks to rest up and to hydrate yourself
  7. Wear Hats, light coloured and loose clothing
  8. Keep cars locked when not in use but do not leave infants, children or dogs unattended in the car

FIRST AID:Heat Stroke

  1. If you suspect heatstroke, call the ambulance or your local emergency number. 
  2. immediately move the person out of the heat, remove excess clothing, and cool him or her by whatever means available. Some things you could do are: Place in a tub of cool water or a cool shower, spray with a garden hose, sponge with cool water, fan while misting with cool water, place ice packs or cool wet towels on the neck, armpits and groin, cover with cool damp sheets.
  3. Always let the person drink cool water to rehydrate, if he or she is able. 
  4. Don’t give sugary, caffeinated or alcoholic beverages to a person with heatstroke. 
  5. Also avoid very cold drinks, as these can cause stomach cramps.
  6. In case the person loses consciousness, give CPR

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