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How to Maintain Energy Level In Winter

As the summer draws to a close, many people find that they have much less energy during the freezing winter months. For some, this may just be a case of wanting to curl up on the sofa with a hot drink, but for others it could signal something more serious such as seasonal affective disorder. Whatever the reason, keeping active during the winter is essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle and avoid the winter blues. We see a lot of sweets being sold and served during winter season and we also tend to consume a lot of them during this season. We do not realise during this time that the consumption of these fruits leads to an increase in our weight, we only realise this when the winter season gets over. We tend to eat a lot of sweets as the body demands for a lot of energy during winters and sweets are the best medium of quick energy but this does not work well with the health of our body. As a healthy alternative we should shift to consumption of a lot of soups in this season , it can be vegetable soup or chicken soup or any soup this not only keeps your body warm but also provides your body with instant and long lasting energy. Another suggestion is to consume carrot, instead of making a halwa from carrot make a toned milk from carrot avoid sugar or use substitutes for sugar this will keep you fit and will be good for your health as well.

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