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KIM K’s Diet Secrets Revealed!

Kim Kadarshian is popular all over the world. The mum of three is stunning and in amazing shape! What’s her secret?

Reports suggests the Kim K hastened to get fit after seeing unflattering pictures of herself on a beach and started consulting Melissa Alcantara for her fitness and diet regime.

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Here are all the insights that make Kim the fit mom that she is:

  1. Kim eats only real – freshly cooked food every day. Her dietician makes sure of that. She once came home to discard all processed foods like biscuits, breads, sauces and even salad dressing are officially off the table.
  2. Although occasionally she has treats herself to a Banana Bread. Her body is no longer used to junk food, so much so that eating them makes her sick.
  3. Kim once stated that she used Flat Tummy Co male replacement shakesto help her lose weight.
  4. According to her consultant, Kim’s diet consists of Blueberry oatmeal pancakes for Breakfast, Chicken, sweet potato and vegetables for Lunch, and Fish and Vegetables for dinner.
  5. She also consumes four and a half litres of water in a day

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  1. She works out 6 times a week for an hour and a half, and does a mixture of low-intensity internal training, weight training and high-intensity interval training. One of her Snapchat videos showed her doing Hex headlift squats using a barbell weight bar, Weighted power sleds, Romanian deadlifts, Seated leg presses and Glute kickbacks on a weighted leg curl machine. Her trainer said that Kim loves to work her booty and back legs.
  2. Melissa also admitted to Kim K being her best client because of her reluctance to skip a workout, saying “she is super responsible, she never cancels—she’s the best client and athlete you could have.”

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