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Medical benefits of marijuana

This week the New Jersey Legislature could pass the most progressive recreational marijuana bill in the country. Lawmakers were poised to vote on the issue as early as today – New York may not legalize marijuana anytime soon.


According to NIDA ( National Institute on Drug Abuse), Marijuana—also called weed, herb, pot, grass, bud, ganja, Mary Jane, and a vast number of other slang terms—is a greenish-gray mixture of the dried flowers of Cannabis sativa. Some people smoke marijuana in hand-rolled cigarettes called joints; in pipes, water pipes (sometimes called bongs), or in blunts (marijuana rolled in cigar wraps). Marijuana can also be used to brew tea and, particularly when it is sold or consumed for medicinal purposes, is frequently mixed into foods (edibles) such as brownies, cookies, or candies.


Marijuana has numerous benefits some of which are listed below – with so many benefits it is sometimes hard to believe why medical marijuana is still not legal in most of the country, and still retains such a negative reputation.

Here is a list of 20 medical benefits of marijuana you probably never knew!

1. Slow and stop cancer cells from spreading
2. Prevent Alzheimer’s
3. Treat Glaucoma
4. Relieve Arthritis
5. Control Epileptic seizure
6. Ease the pain of multiple sclerosis
7. Soothe tremors for people with Parkinson’s disease
8. Help with Crohn’s disease
9. Decrease the symptoms of Dravet’s Syndrome
10. Lessen side effects from treating Hepatitis C, and increase treatment effectiveness
11. Decrease anxiety
12. Help reverse the carcinogen effects of tobacco, and improve lung health
13. Reduce severe pain, and nausea from chemo, and stimulates appetite
14. Improve symptoms of Lupus, an autoimmune disorder.
15. Protect brain after a stroke.
18. Treat inflammatary bowel diseases
19. Help eliminate nightmares
20. Protect the brain from concussion and trauma


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