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Now that Holi is over, there’s all the making up you have to do over all the festival indulgence. Here are a few tips to make it easy on you:

Light dinner:

All those Holi treats that you consumed all day long, needs t have time to get out of your system. Your body needs to detoxify and flush them out.  So, avid eating too much, instead go easy on the stomach. Eat a light dinner of oats to help improve digestion and make you feel better.


A good night’s sleep:

It is the long weekend, the party isn’t over yet. But your body needs to recover, try and get some sleep and let your body rest. The more you sleep, the better your body will function and you will be able to get out better and do more things, have more fun.


Take a walk:

Get out of the house and take a walk early in the morning or late in the night for maximum fresh and clean air. It will make both your mind and body active and your system will go back to normal. It will also aid in digestion and burning calories.

evening walk

Lemon water:

After all the festivities and bhang and all the liquor, you are bound to feel hungover. All the food and drinks will have your stomach queasy and you feeling horrible. Here’s where the age-old and trusted remedy comes to the rescue. Lemon Water will help sort the nausea and the bloating, making you feel better.

lime water

Healthy breakfast:

Have a healthy breakfast the day after you detoxify. Eat well with whole foods, nuts, seeds and fruit juice. It will help you become energetic and kick start your day but not aggravate your tummy.

healthy breakfast

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