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Shocking Myths of Teeth Scaling and Root Planing

In general people think that if they will do the scaling (Scaling is a common dental procedure for patients with gum disease. This is a type of dental cleaning that reaches below the gum line to remove plaque build-up. The process of scaling and root planing the teeth is often referred to as a deep cleaning) in their teeth they might face some serious problem. They think that their teeth might get sensitive, they might feel hot and cold effect whenever they will eat or drink some hot or cold, or their teeth might get affect badly with the procedure of scaling, whereas there is nothing like that it’s all myth, there is no after effect of scaling, people don’t feel any kind sensitivity they don’t feel any hot or cold effect, rather after the process of scaling teeth become more clean and clear. Just after the process of scaling people tend to feel sensitivity in their teeth, that is very temporary that’s not for longer period of time and that is very normal because their teeth are more clear and clean to feel the affect and they can heal the sensitivity with the help of desensitizing agent. We should go for process of scaling in every six months which will make our teeth more clean and clear.

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