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The Most Common Health problems In India

India is a country which is quite ill-famed for its sanitation and cleanliness. The chaotic waste management system and urban planning is accountable for the overflowing gutters and scattered waste.

The common man has to suffer plenty because of this mismanagement. to add to the poor sanitary conditions, the population load is increasing on a daily basis. This has resulted in slums and poverty. The poor and unhealthy living is the primary cause for many health disorders.

Doctors in India

India doesn’t have the provision of clean water and food in many areas, particularly the rural components. The contaminated water and food increase the chances of getting infected through waterborne or food borne diseases.

Another major cause for common health issues in India is the pollution. Pollution of air, water and soil has affected the health of many citizens. airborne diseases are mainly caused because of polluted air.

There are many diseases or health issues that commonly occur among Indians. The disorders can be quite severe and precautions should be taken to avoid them.

A few common health problems in India are discussed in this article.



This is a common health problem encountered in India. the main reason is consumption of contaminated food and water. The disease affects the working of stomach and intestines. The digestion system has troubles, leading to dysentery, vomiting, nausea and dehydration. it’s calculable that symptom happens a lot of in children and may be terribly serious with them. diarrhoea can be avoided by drinking boiled water and home-cooked food. Snacks served by the margin should be avoided.


Malaria Mosquito

The mosquito-transmitted disease is common in areas that have a poor system. Mosquitoes breed at places with piles of rotting garbage, open faeces, and wastewater puddles. malaria will cause fever, fatigue and nausea. The mosquitoes that cause malaria sometimes bite throughout the night time. To avoid obtaining infected by malaria, keep the house and surroundings clean and use a mosquito repellent cream.


Hepatitis Virus

Hepatitis is divided in 2 types – A and B. both the types are quite common in India. group A is waterborne or foodborne and type B is hereditary, spread by infected body fluids. These diseases can be fatal if not given proper attention. There are oral as well as intravenous vaccinations available for preventing hepatitis.



India has increasing patients of AIDS, which is an extremely dangerous disease. AIDS, caused by the Human immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), hampers the operating of the body that eventually leads to multiple organ failure. AIDS is caused by various reasons like unsafe sex, contact of fluids with associate degree infected patient and using the identical needle for injection, tattoos, etc. There are several myths related to transferring of HIV/AIDS. This disease doesn’t unfold by touching, hugging or even kissing a person affected by it.


How Typhoid Spreads

Typhoid is one of the major health problems in India. This disease is waterborne and may be transferred if in contact with someone affected by it. typhoid causes high fever, nausea, dehydration and fatigue. This disease can be treated by using antibiotics, vaccinations, eating healthy and drinking good quality water.

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