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Heart Diseases

Bionic Hearts have a new revolutionary development! As of 13th Feb, 2019, they can now charge wirelessly.

Five decades ago saw the first mechanical heart pump. It was known as ventricular assist device (VAD). They really on external sources of charging But the new VAD implanted by Kazakh Doctors implanted in a patient is capable of charging wirelessly.

What is the need of VAD?


Every Year, 31% of global deaths are due to cardiovascular diseases. They primarily manifest as heart attacks and strokes and typically kills around 18 million people annually according to the World Health Organization.

This implant was first used on a man on the brink of death. Ismail Tursunov was on the brink of a heart failure. The 24 year old man underwent the operation in December, 2018. He is now happy, healthy and living a very satisfying life.

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This is an amazing revolution. Until now, these devises requires a power cord to be charged. The implanted devise sticks out from the abdomen and is connected via the drive line or power cord to external batteries or electrical sockets to charge traditional VADs.

This is a long, tiring and cumbersome process. It inhibits movements and the spot where the cord connects is easily susceptible to infections.

However, The wireless bionic heart that was recently implanted in Ismail Tursunov has no such issues.

It comprises of an internal coil, battery, and an internal controller, all of which are implanted in the patient’s chest. The wireless charging system was  designed by Israeli firm Leviticus Cardio.

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For charging, you only need to put on a vest. The charging happens electromagnetically. The patient can keep track of the status of the device through a wrist moniter which can also inform Tursunov if any malfunction takes place.

The VAD allows patients to lead a normal life.

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