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Control Hair Fall in winters- with this simple Recipe.

Hello women,

Winter is a pretty season, isn’t it? I assume everybody likes winters, but as the weather comes, my hair turns dry and hair fall will increase and that I guess many of you may be facing the identical problem like mine, but you ladies don’t need to worry as I have come up with a hair tonic created at home that makes hair soft, shiny, reduces hair fall and thickens the hair by regular usage. A year ago, I had sudden increase of hair fall and had lost a lot of of my hair from front and my scalp may be seen and it seemed like I was 30+ 🙁 Researching on the web and experimenting, this mixture of hair tonic gave me best results and nowadays I’d wish to share with you all how to create it.


  • The things you need is an empty and clean bottle to store the solution,
  • Castrol oil 30 ml.
  • Olive oil 20 ml (I have taken extra virgin olive oil).
  • Amla oil, that’s Indian gooseberry oil 25 ml (you can use any amla oil available in the market).
  • Coconut oil 25 ml.

Shelf Life:

6 to 8 months (store in a cold and dry place, away from sun rays).


  • First, take an empty bottle and pour 30 ml of castor oil.  Castrol oil helps in regrowth of hair and it also thickens hair.
  • Then, pour extra virgin olive oil about 20 ml.  Olive oil moisturizes hair deeply, from root to tip.
  • Pour amla oil about 25 ml.  It helps in keeping hair naturally black and also keeps grey hair on bay.
  • Finally, pour coconut oil about 25 ml, as it nourishes hair and helps in growing the hair long and healthy. Coconut oil is a complete food for your hair and scalp.
  • Give it a decent shake and you’ll be able to apply this oil. For best results, apply the oil equally everywhere your scalp and hair and massage nicely. Keep the oil for a minimum of three hours then wash it off and you’ll not even have tocondition your hair.

If you have terribly dull hair and dandruff downside, then you can try this. Take a bit amount of the above oil in a little container and warmth it a bit, add a bit amount of lemon juice, combine it well, and apply everywhere your scalp and hair and massage for a few time and leave for three hours, you can wash it off after that and you’ll have shiny and dandruff free hair.

Hair oil to control hair fall.

It’s a bit tough to get rid of castor oil from the hair, as you have to clean your hair with a shampoo at least three times. So, if you’re a lazy person, then you can reduce the amount of castor oil or apply the oil only once per week. I hope you all liked this DIY. If you have the other method of reducing hair fall, please do let me know.

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