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Home Remedies to Increase Memory and Concentration Power

Why do we forget important things of our life? Why our remembering power is getting weak day by day? In many cases students are not able to remember things after studying so hard for their exams what is the main reason behind it and how Ayurveda will help the person to overcome with the situation. There are few medicines which are available which will improve our remembering power, we can use them to improve our concentration power or we can provide energy to our brain cells they have some contents like brahmi, shankhpushpi, badam, vaj and bhuri mirch. By using these ingredients we can improve our remembering power and rejuvenate our brain cells and brain. We can use Brahami and shankhpushpi to create a juice, readymade medicines are also available in market like shankhpushpi syrup, brahmivati are also available in market. It is very important to consume badam (almond) on regular basis, consumption of 4 almonds in summers by soaking the almonds overnight in water and remove the peel and consume it daily in the morning. Whereas it can be consumed directly in winters with this add bhuri mirch to it or we can consume 1spoon of almond powder with ¼ spoon of bhuri mirch with it everyday morning and evening will increase our memory and its good for our eyes and brain. Consuming these medicines will improve our memory and keep us healthy for longer period of time and make sure that you make your child consume it daily which will improve their memory and concentration power.


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