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Hair Care Home Remedies

Home Remedy of Natural Treatment of White Hair

In today’s era as we can see that kids are also having the problem of premature-greying of hairs, because of their busy schedule they are not able to take proper care of their grey hair and apply colours to their hair which make their hair more weak and they face the problem of hair fall. To control hair fall or to make their hair stronger will guide you to make a natural hair serum for the hair treatment. Take Indian gooseberry powder and roast it, add beet juice into it and mix it well. Then add 2 spoon of henna (mehendi) into it, make a paste and keep it in a cool place. It won’t get rotten as gooseberry powder is roasted, and beet juice is also present into that mix. Make a thin paste and apply it in your hairs, this treatment is especially for boys. Apply it on a regular basis into your scalp and hair, apply it in the night before sleeping and wash it in the morning. This won’t dye your hair at the same time, you can see a slight difference after 15days that it changed your hair colour into copper in colour.

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