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Homemade Natural Fruit Facial – Benefits Of Fruits Facial For Skin Glow At Your Home

Fruits are essential for human body, it has been recommended to add more and more fruits to ones diet o improve the glow in the skin. This is the benefit of consuming food on the skin , the effects of applying fruits directly on the skin is considered to be magical and more effective for the skin. All the cosmetics that are considered good for the skin are made from fruits, applying fresh fruit on the skin is more effective, natural and healthy for the skin as compared to any chemical based cosmetic. Making Fruit facial is a process where one has to consider minute details while making the facial, few things important to consider are – fruits need to be fresh , the facial needs to be applied 15 minutes after preparation and fruits like papaya needs to red in color and the skin also needs to be mixed in the fail.

It is very important for one to know the skin type, a lot of people complaint of reactions on their skin because the fruits or materials do not suit their skin. In most facials if there is a reaction because of honey mixed in the facial one needs to skip honey and keep the rest of the facial as it is. Today one the most common skin problem is an oily skin where the skin is prone to acne and pimples, the fruit facial method for this is to boil an apple and mash it. One needs to apply lemon on face and apply this mashed apple mixture and cover it for 30 minutes using a tissue paper. Post that do a gentle massage with the tip of the finger and then mix Fullers Earth Clay ( multani mitti )on the apple mixture and apply it on the skin and leave it for 20 minutes and rinse it – one needs to follow this for 21 days to see best results.For dry skin the best fruit to be used is dry fruit, almond is the best dry fruit for dry skin problems. One needs to crush small almonds and mix it in milk with cream and massage it on the skin after fruit bleaching.

Fruit facial is a great remedy for anti agin and is recommended to be done twice a week, whats important is that the massage needs to be meaningful and needs to be done in the right manner. An alternative for bleaching is to apply lemon on the skin and cut tomatoes (de-seed them) and mix   powdered almonds, massage on the skin for 20 minutes then use cucumber or rose water after rinsing. Use this remedy for 15 days to see any improvement.


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