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Nail Health Tips: Nail Care Through Ayurveda

Your nails are an important part of your hands and they too need to be taken care of well. Well-kept hands with neat, clean, painted nails are a pleasure to behold. Dirty and unkept nails will make your hands look ugly. Your nails need to be strong and healthy for your hands to look beautiful. Nails show vital signs of your health as people say that nails are the X-ray of your health condition, we often tend to ignore the signs that our nails are trying to show us. There are a lot of things that happen to nails like cracks that show up , lines are visible and spots that often appear on the surface of the nails, there are often problems like the nails start shredding. This could happen because of any kind of fungal infection or deficiency in minerals like calcium, Vitamin D and vitamin  B12  in our body. Doctors often say that if we want to see the overall health condition of our body then we should look at our nails – about how healthy they appear. If the nails are clean , pink and shining then the nails show that the blood level in the body is fine and the vitamin and calcium in the body is upto the required level, but if the nails are in other wise conditions it shows signs that our body is trying to tell us that it is unhealthy. In case of unhealthy and damaged looking nails we should do and oil massage using olive oil and include a lot of calcium in our diet. In Ayurveda we recommend Ayurvedic medicines like Praval Masam and Praval Misti which should be consumed 250mg a dose once a day, consumption of this medicine improves the calcium content in our body. We need to also consume vitamin and iron to improve the condition of our nails the medicine recommended for this is Raksha Rishtam which helps in the improvement of both iron and vitamins . The consumption of these medicines will give you shiny pink nails which will be not only cosmetic but also showing the improving health condition . There are times when we have infection this is when we need to boil water with tulsi and need when luke warm we need to dip our nails into it and leave it for sometime , post this we need to massage the nails with olive oil. If there is a problem in the colour of your nails then you need to be alert about it and go for a check up as such signs show that the body is facing some severe problems which can even be cancer. So, use Ayurveda for you long term benefit and keep a check on your nails as they are the face of your body health.

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