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Know Yourself Positive View

Am I a Difficult Person?

. If you think that everyone is wrong and you are always right. You are making yourself a DIFFICULT PERSON.
2. When you have something wrong to say about every good person or thing, You just might be a DIFFICULT PERSON.
3. If you have gradually become too hard to please. Beware, You are becoming a DIFFICULT PERSON.
4. When You argue about everything, even when there is no need for it. Be careful, you are becoming a DIFFICULT PERSON.
5. You know the reason why people do what they do…You pride yourself as a mind reader…Are you GOD? Of course, you are not; You are just a DIFFICULT PERSON.
6. If everyone around you walks on egg shells. They’d rather not talk to you….You are a DIFFICULT PERSON.
7. If you have a correction for everyone but none for yourself….YOU ARE A DIFFICULT PERSON
8. If You never say I AM SORRY; or must be cajoled into saying it… You are a DIFFICULT PERSON
9. If You are too adamant about forgiving others… You are a DIFFICULT PERSON .
10. Dearly Beloved, a DIFFICULT PERSON has to be very Careful; otherwise at some point in your Journey, you might discover you are walking Alone.

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