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We’ve all know that we need to Be Positive in order to live a happy and successful life. Here are 10 tricks to maintain positivity.

  1. Surround yourself with Positivity: Make your home a positive place to live in. Paint it in bright colours; put pictures of happy memories on walls. Surround yourself with things that make you happy!
  2. Surround yourself with positive people: A negative person will make you feel more negative of yourself. The vibes that positive people give off will make you feel more calm and happy. Positive people give positive influences.
  3. Listen to music that gives off the same mood you want to be in: Music is magic. Peppy songs will instantly make you feel lighter. Listen to songs that you associate with happy memories.
  4. Eat healthy: A good diet will keep you healthy and happy. It will invigorate your mind. You will be able to sleep better.
  5. Make a happy box: It’s simple really. Fill in a box with chits full of positive, self-love messages to yourself. Whenever you feel low, pull one out and smile.

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  1. Smile: The more you smile, the more you will be happy and positive.


  1. Practice positivity: root out the negativity little by little. Change your mindset and weave positive activities into your life. IF singing makes you feel positive, sing; If it’s painting, Paint!
  2. Challenge negative thoughts with positive ones: The second you think of something negative, try and search the bright side of the situation.

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  1. Listen to uplifting podcast episodes: Listen to positive messages; they will help you see the world in a more positive light.
  2. Set goals: when you know what you’re trying to achieve, you are already more optimistic about it. Set goals – no matter how small and celebrate when you achieve them. They are prove of the great things you can achieve.

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