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Exam Fever is on what with the coming month of March and students seem to be feverishly preparing for the big days. After studying all year long, a mere few papers will decide the fate of tens of thousands of students. No wonder they are all stressed!

So listen up students and parents who want to make the life of their children easier, here are a few tips for you.
The main point for parents to remember is that your children have a lot of stress and fussing over them is not going to help! Instead giving them their space and giving these tips a chance may go a long way in making life easier for all of you!

Make a schedule:

Write all the things you need to do and tick hem off as you go! This will show you your pace and give you a more flexible revision schedule.

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Take Breaks:

Studying all day just increases stress. Take strategic breaks – a 20 minute break between study hours. In your spare time, do whatever you can to take your mind of exams – head out for a dinner, watch a movie, or even play some sport! This will leave you refreshed and more energetic the next time you revise.

Group Study:

Get together with your friends and school mates to discuss and revise. This will also help you learn when you’re doing something wrong. Take care to not compare other peoples’ revision to your own. You know the best way you study. Going according to someone else revision technique or schedule might not be best for you.

Avoid too much caffeine:

But a cup of hot chocolate or herbal tea will go a long way to soothe your nerves. Dark chocolate is a good way to fight stress naturally.


Sleep on time and wake up on time. Sleeping less or sleeping too much will frazzle your nerves and your concentration power.

Avoid other stressed people:

Stress is contagious. Try being around positive people and surround yourself with positivity.

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