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How stress affects your life

Everybody goes through a certain amount of stress in their daily lives which is quite normal. Going through stressful moments in life is something none of us can ignore. Stress can be due to anything. It could be due to one’s strained or failing marriage or relationship, workplace conflict or even while pursuing one’s studies. What is important for us is though, to learn to deal with stress the right way. One needs to understand and most importantly learn to balance the stress levels, failing to which an individual can face severe health issues. Not just health issues, excessive levels of stress can be mentally disturbing too.

Many doctors & psychiatrists suggest that recently people in India have been diagnosed with high levels of stress owing to the lifestyle changes and fast paced life. These high stress levels can be dangerous. Below noted are some of the negative effects of stress on individuals:

Irregular eating habits

This is probably one of the most negative impacts of stress on an individual. Excessive levels of stress causes a loss of appetite. This loss of appetite can be dangerous as it can nutritional deficiencies and can further deteriorate one’s health.

Causes depression

One of the major reasons that causes depression is stress. One may not understand this at a very early stage, but high levels of stress are one of the major causes of depression. 

High blood pressure

When you are too stressed, you try to overthink or over-analyze each and every situation in your life, which can cause an increase in blood pressure levels. As per the hospitals, high blood pressure is common in Indian patients as most of them undergo tremendous stress. 

Cardiac arrest

Not only can high levels of stress can an increase in blood pressure but can also cause problems like heart attack. For this reason it is extremely important to control stress.

Makes one obese

Just like high levels of stress can cause a loss of appetite, it can also have a reverse effect and make you obese. Certain people tend to eat a lot more when in stress as they find temporary comfort in food. This however, triggers habits of unhealthy eating and hence makes one obese. Also when an individual is stressed, he or she may avoid going out or working out. Thus no physical activity also contributes to the obesity issue.

Migraines and headaches

Getting a headache once in a while is normal. Although if you have been suffering constantly from migraine or headaches, it could be possible that the reason is actually because you are too stressed. Constant negative thoughts trigger migraine pain and can lead to migraine attacks in severe cases.

These were some negative effects of stress on human body & while it is impossible to avoid stress completely, one can at least try to ensure that they do not over-stress to face such problems in future.

To tackle stress and to evade these problems, one can always visit a good doctor in your vicinity.

Check out our YouTube video to know how to deal with stress, think positive & to make yourself happy:

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