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How to fight Anxiety

In modern day life the term Anxiety is becoming as common as breathing. Anxiety is a feeling of unease, it can lead to nervousness, apprehension, fear, worrying. It is the continuous feeling that something wrong is going to happen. There are many external factors that lead to anxiety:

  1. Stress – work, home, school, travel, physical and any other kind of stress
  2. Finances
  3. Emotional Trauma like death of loved ones, break up
  4. Medical Illness
  5. Side effect of medicines
  6. Use of illicit drugs
  7. Modern Day living

While the Anxiety disorders should be treated medically, the following can definitely help calm mind and curb stress:

  1. Exercise – Important for total well being. 30 minutes a day exercise can boost your spirits up
  2. Cut down on caffeine and alcohol – They both are known to kick the anxiety levels. While the common culprits are Coffee and spirits it is also found in Headache medicines, Tea, Chocolate etc
  3. Ample and Adequate Sleep – 8 Hour sleep is recommended by the Doctors for good health. To get a good night sleep one can create a soothing environment to ensure good sleep and relaxing sleep
  4. Deep Breathing – It transmits to the brain that all is fine. It helps the body and the mind to relax. For this one can sit or lie flat in a comfortable position. Put one hand on the belly and other on the chest. While taking a deep breath in through the nose let the belly push the hand out. Breathe out of lips pursed as if whistling. This can be done for 5-10 times
  5. Watch a good movie, relax with friends, listen good songs, pursue a hobby
  6. Meditate – Meditation helps mind transform negative to positive emotions. And all it takes is just 10 minutes a day
  7. Surround with mood enhancing fragrances. Lavender is one fragrance which is known for calming properties. Use it while meditation too
  8. Drink enough water – believe it or not Dehydration can cause Palpitations
  9. Make it a point to take out ‘Me Time’. Having alone time is essential. It also helps to practice mindfulness
  10. Turn of your phone – Much has been written about the negative effects of constant urge to stay connected. Turning off all the connected devices to connect with one’s mind is healthy.

Anxiety can strike anybody anytime. And there is no quick fix to anxiety. But gathering awareness and getting help from doctor is the key.

Here’s to a more positive healthy assured smiling you!!!

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