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8 Ways to Keep Christ in Christmas

Each year in Christian circles there is usually some heated discussion regarding Christmas. Conversations about how the religious holiday has become too secular, excessively focused on shopping, and not about Jesus’ birth. Whereas most Christians agree with these issues, it may be hard to figure out what to do regarding it.

How, exactly, are we supposed to put Christ back in Christmas? Particularly if you are already knee-deep in decorations, cookie-baking, and struggling to put up the Christmas tree. We’ve come up with 21 easy things you can do to keep your focus on Jesus – no theology degree required! This is not a compulsory to-do list, however rather a few ideas to remind yourself, your family and your friends regarding the real reason for the season. It’ll help you enjoy the holiday on a deeper, more meaningful level.

There are some amazingly easy ways to honour the holiness of Jesus’ birth.

Observe Advent with your Family

Advent is the time of reflection and preparation before Christmas. The term is a version of the Latin word meaning “coming”. Christians observe Advent as a way to celebrate the arrival of Jesus at the first Christmas, or anticipate His arrival for the Second Coming. Advent offers the opportunity to pause and consider the state of our souls, not our shopping lists. You can create an Advent wreath for your home, follow Bible readings for each day of Advent, or follow an Advent Calendar. Many churches have dedicated services for advent that you can attend along with your family as well.

Light Advent Candles

if you cannot commit to the daily Advent Bible readings, think about lighting an advent candle every Sunday and reading the appropriate Bible passages. It permits you to make a time for religious reflection in your home and not just in church. This is way your youngsters can get more involved in the holiday as well. They will learn and reflect on each Advent reading in an age-appropriate way. Discuss each reading as a family and how you intend to execute its lesson in your lifestyle. You’ll grow closer as a family while also keeping Jesus at the centre of your family.

Write Christmas, Not X-mas

It sounds easy, but if you make yourself write out the word “Christmas” instead of using its abbreviation, you force yourself to think regarding what the holiday is really about. Whether you are texting a friend or jotting down your Christmas list, those few additional seconds make you consider Christ. It additionally helps you share the meaning of Christmas with others. Whereas it might appear small, any chance you have to share Christ is beautiful in God’s eyes. Some Christians even view writing “xmas” as being disrespectful to Jesus, taking Him even further away from the holiday.

Bake a birthday cake for Jesus Christ

What better way to honour the truth of Jesus’s birth with a birthday cake? This is an ideal way to get young children excited regarding the true meaning of the holiday. Children understand the essential meaning of a birthday and what the cake represents. This will help the Christmas story come alive for them in a tangible method. Christmas time is also regarding spending time along with your loved ones and growing closer with them. Baking is a fun way to spend time as a family unit and grow your relationship that much deeper. Make it a family tradition to bake a cake for Jesus Christ.

Go to Church

this one might sound pretty obvious to most of the people, however it still needs to be said. Even if you are not a daily church-goer during the year, Christmas is a great time to reconnect with your faith, listen to the sermons and the music, and contemplate the true message of Christmas. The church is a good way to get yourself grounded in the faith and remember why Jesus Christ is the reason for the season. You can meet different Christians and connect with them as God’s children. Make some new friends and see how they celebrate Christ during the holiday.

Read the Bible

we all think we all know the Christmas story. But when is the last time you actually read what the Bible has to say regarding the holiday? Have you ever read the various version of it, from Luke chapter 2 or Matthew 1 chapter 1 for example? Reading the story straight from the Bible will help refresh your memory of all the small details. Find a Bible devotional to go along with your reading, therefore you’ll be able to get the most out of it. Assume you know it all? You’ll be able to test your knowledge of the Christmas story with this nativity quiz.

Decorate Your Tree with Christian Ornaments

Instead of shiny silver balls and large bows, use manger scenes, angels and different tangible reminders of the spiritual reason for the holiday to decorate your Christmas tree. It’s simple to find, or create your own, ornaments for this effort. Adding Christ into your decorations doesn’t have to be cheesy. You can find items that are terribly stylish and match you aesthetic. Think about making a Jesse tree, which tells the story of Jesus’ family tree, or a Christmas tree, which is a Christmas tree decorated only with spiritual symbols. You may have seen these varieties of trees in your church before.

Send Christian Christmas Cards

Christmas cards are an important and fun tradition for many families. Rather than selecting cards that depict Santa, reindeer and presents, think about using Christmas cards that include Bible verses or Christian artwork. This is a way to proudly share along with your friends and family that you are a Christian that’s ready to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, and not the arrival of Santa. This additionally reminds the person you’re sending it to what Christmas is all about. Who knows, you may be the only person that tries to connect them with Jesus Christ this season.


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