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Causes and signs of nose bleeding

Nose bleeding is a common ailment. While it may be very frightening to look at it, there are very rare cases where they can generate a huge medicinal problem. Your nose comprises of various blood vessels that are present the front and back of your nose. These blood vessels are considered to be very delicate and hence there is a high chance of them bleeding. Nose bleeding is generally more prevalent in children than in adults. Nose bleeds are generally classified into two types anterior and posterior, namely. The anterior nose bleed occurs when the vessels in the front break while the posterior bleeding occurs when the blood vessels at the back break. The latter is usually more dangerous.

We have listed down some of the common signs and causes of nose bleeding as recommended by the doctors. Take a look below to know more:


The climate

As per the doctors in the clinics in India dry air is generally a common reason and cause for nose bleeding both in kids and adults. The dry air tends to easily dry out the nasal membranes that are present inside your nose. This further leads to crusting. Scratching or picking your nose too often in this case can cause it to bleed. This type of nose-bleeding is not serious.


Putting object in the nose

Many children suffer from nose-bleeding due to this very reason. It is very important to look after your child and to pay proper attention that this case does not take place. Putting hazardous items inside the nostrils is very dangerous and can cause nose-bleeding and choking. Putting objects in the nose cause serious wounds. Tissue paper, dirt, food, pebbles, eraser, pencil, crayon are some common objects that can easily get stuck and hence parents need to be extra vigilant during the child’s play time.


Excessive sneezing

Excessive sneezing can also be a sign and cause for nose-bleeding and usually occurs in kids. There’s nothing to be very worried about it. Too much of sneezing creates pressure on the blood vessels and can cause it to bleed.



While this is a silent medical condition, nose-bleeding is a sign to detect it. Nose bleeding in such a case can be serious and it is important to seek for immediate medical help.


We want to tell you that nose bleeding is quite common and does not always require any immediate medical condition. It generally stops quickly on its own. Although, if you have been suffering from this condition for a long time and your nose often bleeds for more than 20 minutes, we recommend you seek immediate help and visit the hospitals in Dubai. You also need to immediately visit a doctor if you suffer from nose bleeding after an injury or accident. It could be possible that you may have suffered from a fracture or a broken nose. In certain cases it may also be due to internal bleeding.


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