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Gurpurab – Why Should You Know About Origin and Celebration?

Guru Nanak Jayanti is well known as Gurpurab festivals across India and also in the world. It is one of the several auspicious religious festivals in Sikhism observed to commemorate and keep in mind the birth and philosophy of guru Nanak Dev ji, 1st Sikh Guru and founding father of faith. Sikhs and ardent followers of Guru Nanak Dev remember him by celebrating Guru Nanak Jayanti with nice enthusiasm that usually falls on Kartik Poornima. 

Background of Gurpurab

Guru Nanak (1469AD – 1539AD) was born in a village named Rai Bhoi di Talwandi. It’s presently popular as Nankana sahib, close to city Lahore, Pakistan. Towards his later age, he utterly engrossed himself in preaching the importance and power of spirituality in one’s life that ultimately gave birth to faith. Guru Nanak Dev ji birthday is known as Gurpurab. Nanak Jayanti is additionally concerning experience his preaching and teachings that are quoted within the sacred Sikh scripture Guru Granth, the holy book within which hymns of Sikh Gurus are quoted.

“Satguru Nanak Pargateya , mitti dhundh jagg chaanan hoya ,

Jiyo kri suraj nikalya, taare chhipe andher ploya “

Gurpurab Meaning:

Satguru Nanak’s emergence cleared spiritual darkness,

As sunrise dispells the darkness and stars disappear.

gurpurab originGurpurab Celebration

Now, you recognize what’s gurpurab and why gurpurab is celebrated. Let see proceed and see how it’s celebrated. Gurpurab celebration is mostly similar for all the varied Gurpurbs; solely the Shabads (hymns sung and history of a specific occasion is totally different. Gurpurab is taken into account auspicious and important but the special significance is accorded to the birth day of remembrance of Guru Nanak, because the Sikhs believe that guru Nanak brought enlightenment to the globe, therefore the festivals is additionally referred to as Prakash Utsav, virtually the “birth of light”.

gurpurab origin
Fifteen days before the birth anniversary of guruNanak, celebrations begin. Non secular processions referred to as “Prabhat Pheris” are taken from house to house singing Kirtan and Shabads (hymns) from the SGGS.

A day before the festivals, an enormous parade starts from the Gurudwara, usually in the afternoon. The first installation and Guruship of Sri Guru Granth sahib ji – The celebrations begin with the three-day Akhand Path, in which the Guru Granth Sahib (the holy book of the Sikhs) is read continuously from beginning to end without a break. The Conclusion of the reading coincides with the day of the festival.


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