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How acupuncture improve eyesight

Lack of proper vision is a common health problem faced my most people in India. This lack of proper vision is particularly a problem faced by those suffering from Diabetes. Diabetes patients are more likely to suffer from eyesight and distorted vision problems owing to the negative impacts of Diabetes on eyes. While laser surgery and other methods like wearing spectacles and contact lenses can be very helpful too, there is another method of treatment that not a lot of people are aware about! It is acupuncture therapy yes you read it right, acupuncture treatment can be extremely helpful in improving the vision and many doctors recommend this type of treatment to patients. Acupuncture thus, is the best way to improve eyesight.

Various research conducted over the years have proven that acupuncture can have a very positive effect in improving an individual’s eyesight. In fact it is said that acupuncture treatment is set to improve the overall visual function of various individuals. If you are someone who is reluctant to undergo surgical procedures in order to improve your eyesight, acupuncture can be extremely beneficial for you. This treatment is said to have significant improvement in visual indices.

In fact acupuncture therapy is an ancient treatment that has over the years been widely used to treat and cure various diseases & to improve eyesight. Acupuncture treatments are widely known to re-accumulate the energy levels. In fact some of the common eye diseases that can be effectively treated through acupuncture are myopia, color blindness, cataract and amblyopia.

Here’s how acupuncture points can be effectively used to improve the eyesight:

Near the eyes:

Massaging near your eyes can be very helpful. It can help in relaxing your eye. You can find the exact point near the socket of your eye. You can avail many advantages through acupuncture with the help of this point. It can help in relieving you from constant headaches. Besides this this technique is highly effective and helpful in decreasing the stiffness around your back and the shoulders. Try to rotate your middle finger on your eyebrows for about 5 -7 minutes and this magical massage is sure to give you a soothing experience. Make sure this massage is practiced regularly to keep your eyes stress-free.

The nostril points

Nostril point is another effective point an acupuncturist that can help in improving your overall vision. You would be very surprised to know that this point not only helps in improving your vision but also can be beneficial for those patients who suffer from sinus. Individual to suffer from problems like bloody vision, or constant headaches can find instant relief with the help of this point if practiced properly.

Third Eye:

For this technique you need to place your ring finger on the T junction of your nose and also make sure that your finger is exactly between your eyebrows and your nose. Press on this point for about 7 minutes. You can also try a gentle massage. Make sure you are looking straight as you massage this point. This acupuncture point is highly effective in reducing the strain on your eyes. You can also cure health problems like headaches through this technique. The Third Eye acupuncture massage technique is highly effective in improving your vision & also improves the functioning of their nervous system. Make sure that for professional help you visit the best hospitals.

At the Bridge of your Nose

This pressure point is found near the bridge of the nose and is extremely beneficial in improving your eye sight. You can use both your thumbs to give it a slight pressure on the points. This technique is highly effective in reducing stress, fatigue and any kind of soreness or redness caused to the eye.

The tip of thumb

When you try to apply pressure to the tips of your thumb neck muscles start relaxing and attention is released. This is so because muscle related ailments especially in the upper part of your body can have a very bad impact on your overall vision. Thus improving the health of your upper body like your neck or back will eventually help in improving your overall eyesight.

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Pressure at the tip of your two

Another crucial point which can be beneficial in improving your overall vision through acupuncture is the tip of your big toe. While it is far away from your eyes you need to understand that treating this area can help in improving the overall blood circulation throughout your body. When you have a proper circulation of blood throughout your body it eventually helps in improving your overall vision.

There are many expert and qualified acupuncturists in the clinics who can offer you the best treatment & help you improve eyesight. While you can practice these points at home, it is important to know that the technique needs to be followed precisely and under the guidance of an expert.

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