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Keep your skin healthy- By following these steps.

We all love beautiful skin, however have you ever questioned what beautiful skin is? Healthy skin is beautiful.

If our skin is healthy, it glows and appears stunning. We live in a country where individuals have differing kinds and shades of skin. Whereas the complexion depends upon the melanin in one’s body, one will have healthy skin regardless of complexion or type.

In this busy and technology-led life, it’s an ongoing battle to take care of your skin, and also the skin care advises you receive, build up stress.

Do we use exfoliate or peel? Are the face masks of any help? Should we double cleanse? Daily exposure to pollution and dirt makes our skin age faster; what can we do? With numerous questions relating to skin care, we undoubtedly want the correct answers and recommendation from a professional.

Here are some straightforward ways in which to get healthy and beautiful skin:

1. Exfoliation:

Exfoliators facilitate in achieving healthy and glowing skin, make-up will make your skin dry or uneven, use of good exfoliators will reduce the danger of dry skin and make them look healthy. They additionally facilitate in minimising the pores, and removing dirt from the pores. They’re so necessary for managing breakout.
Deep exfoliation helps in unclogging your pores from excess oil which may otherwise cause breakouts. If excess oil and dirt are removed, breakout can presumably reduce. For those who suffer with acne should visit a skin doctor, as acne aren’t only caused by external factors like make-up and dirt, there are a number of internal factors which can cause acne.

2. Healthy diet:

Eating a well-balanced diet which includes food rich in vitamins and minerals, protein or carbohydrates, helps keep your skin glowing with good health. You need to limit the consumption on refined sugar and salt and saturated fats, as they make your skin age faster.

The best mantra is to drink lots of water, which not solely helps your body stay fresh, however conjointly helps in hydrating your skin!


3. Protection from sun:

It’s not continuously possible to avoid sun exposure, therefore when you cannot avoid exposure, you must take precautions, like wearing sunblock, whenever you go out, regardless of the season. Use sunscreens that contain anti-inflammatory drug and barrier repairing ingredients. A broad spectrum sunblock with both UVA and UVB protection of a minimum of SPF 30 is the best.


4. Moisturising your skin:

As winter arrives, our skin gets dry, very quickly. You can use a good moisturiser to keep yourself well-moisturised. You can use moisturiser with oil base or natural ingredients, they work wonders on your skin. Keep it as natural as possible.

Moisturiser should ideally be applied once the skin remains wet, i.e. after washing or showering. Visit your skin doctor when you feel any skin irritation or rashes, after applying moisturiser.

Lastly, always take away your make-up before you head to sleep. So, sleep well to continuously keep young and happy!

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