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Most colourful Festivals in the world

Whether steeped in ancient mythology or incorporated into uniquely native traditions, color is glorified the world over with some weird and wonderful festivals. In celebration of our new, colour-inspired fall, Winter, Spring brochure, we’ve scoured the globe for the best, most vibrant destinations to go to. From tossing tomatoes in Spain to Japan’s cherry blossom commemoration, these vibrant festivals will inject a good dose of colour into your life.

1. Day of the Dead, Mexico

Day Of the dead costume

Who’d have thought a seemingly macabre festival can be therefore joyfully colourful? based on ancient beliefs, Mexico’s Day of the Dead honours the deceased, who have a 24-hour window to come from heaven to reconnect with families and friends. The result? lively parades replete with vividly decorated skulls, technicolour costumes and plenty of fine vibes.

When: October

2. Holi, India

Celebration of colour

You’ll realize it from those famous powdery plumes of paint being thrown through the air during a kaleidoscope of colors. A Hindu festival celebrated in India and Nepal, Holi honours the arrival of spring with a riot of hot pink, magenta and lemon. for 2 days, crowds unite in public spaces armed with a rainbow palette of gulal (coloured powder), flinging it at passers-by.

When: March

3. La Tomatina, Spain

The La Tomatina Festival

There’s one color that underpins this rather fruity festival: red. held in the Spanish town of Bunol near Valencia, La Tomatina is one giant food fight where participants hit the streets to hurl an arsenal of over-ripe tomatoes at each other. It dates back to 1945, once youths gatecrashed a festival stage, knocking a musician into a stall of vegetables and beginning a food fight. Residents are reliving this scene annually ever since.

When: August

4. Hanami, Japan

The Cherry Blossom Festival

In spring, Japan is carpeted with candy coloured cherry blossoms. Hanami (or, The Cherry Blossom Festival) could be a centuries-old tradition wherever the japanese respect the blossom’s transient beauty with al fresco parties to a lower place the cherry blossom boughs in parks and gardens. The date is decided every year by cherry blossom prophets, who predict the precise arrival of the beautiful floral show. to go to Japan throughout spring is that the most magical time to travel.

When: March – may

5. Mardi Gras, New Orleans

Mardi Gras Carnival

For southern Louisianans, ‘Fat Tuesday’ could be a time to take pleasure in wealthy foods before Lent and to take to the streets for a week’s worth of extravagant processions. Think: crazy costumes, colourful floats, drinking, dancing and revel. one of America’s biggest street parties, Mardi Gras in city is an unmissable expertise.

When: March

6. Chinese New Year, China

Chinese New Year Carnival

Heralding the arrival of a new year, Chinese New Year explodes with a cacophony of color and sound in cities and cities across China and on the far side. Rainbow-hued dragon dances build their means through the streets while homes are lighted with strings of red paper lanterns at this colourful festival.

When: January or February

7. Rio de Janiero Carnival, Brazil

The Bold Rio Carnival
Carnaval in Rio

Bright colors. bold costumes. spirited samba sounds. It could solely be the {rio|Rio de Janeiro|Rio|city|metropolis|urban center} de Janiero Carnival. The world’s biggest feast, it’s a 2 million-strong street party control before lent with an exciting atmosphere and glitter and feathers galore. The {rio|Rio de Janeiro|Rio|city|metropolis|urban center} de Janiero Carnival is a spectacle that comes to a crescendo with a competition between seven samba schools.

When: March

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