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Odisha Boy With Rare Skin Syndrome

No one wants to feel like a mother and father in the world. No child in the world can pray without knowing this. The story of Jagannath, a ten-year-old boy, is equally enticing….

Prabhakar Pradhan and his family reside in a village in Ganjam district of Orissa. The family is earning a meager income from agriculture. Without money, I could have lived happily ever after. But only when he sees his son does Prabhakaran lose all hope for life….

Jagannath has a rare skin disorder from birth. The skin will remain dry and flaky, and it will gradually slough off the body. Apply the moisturizer every three hours. Wash occasionally. After a few minutes, however, the skin begins to dry again

Jagannath also has unbearable pain. Sometimes the skin is barely visible. Can’t walk or move. In such cases, he will try to walk slowly, sticking his staff

Only doctors from the country have shown her son. Jagannath’s disease is known as ‘Lameller Ichthyos’. It is a genetically susceptible skin disease. It is present in many people, in many different ways and in different intensities. Doctors who showewed him that Jagannath’s case was a bit complicated, said.

When a group of doctors say that it is untreatable and does not cure, at least some people try specialist treatment, perhaps hoping for some improvement. But the poor Prabhakar had nothing left to spend for his son.

‘He has been suffering from this illness since he was born. Doctors say there is no cure for it. He wants to give him some good treatment. But I have no choice. When I see him, my chest breaks, and his illness gets worse every day, ” says Prabhakar.

Prabhakar is currently struggling to buy the medicines and creams he needs. The helpless father hopes that the merciful will help him to do something for his son.

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