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Tips to stay calm & eliminate distress

Being stressed out or worried about a particular situation does not necessarily has to be a very bad thing. We say so because at times stress brings out the best from an individual and promotes productive behavior. For example a child who worries about securing low marks in this exam could be motivated to study harder and perform better or we can say an individual who is concerned about his health may take charge of his life and start working out or exercising on a regular basis.

On the other hand however, we must understand that excessive amount of stress can in fact cause a lot of distress and hamper your productivity. It can also have an adverse effect on your overall mental health. Constantly stressing about a particular situation or worrying about it can also cause problems such as lack of sleep or other health related issues.

If you feel that your anxiety issues are a little too extra to handle and you would like to do something about them then the first thing that you need to do is to calm your mind. Read our detailed below that talks about certain ways to help you stay calm and eliminate distress. 

Try to acknowledge your fear

The first thing that you need to do in order to stay calm is to try and acknowledged your own fears. You need to first tell yourself that you don’t have to suppress your worries and actually accept the fact that you are feeling so. Acknowledging your fear is the first step that can actually help in subsiding unwanted or intrusive thoughts.

Try to reframe your unrealistic thoughts

Let us tell you that stressful thoughts or feelings can actually cause catastrophic predictions. For instance thoughts like, one bad exam can ruin your entire life or one mistake can make you homeless. These are thoughts that will fuel up your anxious feelings. A good way to deal with these thoughts is by thinking realistically. You need to tell yourself that messing up in one situation does not make you a big fool or is not actually a very big deal to worry about.

Focus on solving problems

Another important task at hand for you in order to stay calm and eliminate distress is to start separating things that you can focus and resolve from those things that you actually cannot do anything about. After this you have to focus your efforts on solving the problems that you can have some sort of control over. You need to take steps yourself in order to help and prepare yourself in the best possible way. resolving issues

Learnt to calm your body

Anxiety can lead to various problems such as increase in your heart beat, constant sweating or an upset stomach. It can also further lead to problems like insomnia or difficulty in sitting still. For this reason you need to start to calm your body. Some of the easy ways to do so is by going for a jog or a nice walk in the evening or morning, practicing yoga and other meditation techniques. Remember that the key to a calm mind is a calm body. yoga

Start practicing mindfulness

Lastly you need to stop worrying about something that has happened in the past or about a particular situation that can occur in the future. You need to start staying in the present and living your life with a positive approach. For this practice mindfulness skills and stay focused with what is going on in your life currently.mindfulness

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