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What Are the Keys- Understand the Bible?

The Bible’s answer

The Bible itself provides several of the keys to understanding it. Irrespective of your background, God’s message within the Bible “is not too difficult for you, neither is it far away.”—Deuteronomy 30:11.

Keys to understanding the Bible
have the correct perspective. Accept the Bible as God’s Word. Be humble, since God opposes the proud. (1 Thessalonians 2:13; James 4:6) however, avoid blind faith—God wants you to use your “power of reason.”—Romans 12:1, 2.

Pray for knowledge. “Do not lean upon your own understanding,” the Bible says at Proverbs 3:5. Instead, “keep on asking God” for knowledge in understanding the Bible.—James 1:5.

Be consistent. You’ll benefit much more from Bible study if you do it frequently instead of sporadically.—Joshua 1:8.

Study by topic.

A topical study, in which you analyse what the Bible says about a specific topic or subject, is an effective way to learn what the Scriptures teach. Begin with “the starting lessons,” as it were, and then “go forward to more mature (advanced) teaching.” (Hebrews 6:1, 2, Easy-to-Read Version) You’ll find that you can compare scripture with scripture and learn that various parts of the Bible explain each other, even the parts that are “hard to understand.”—2 Peter 3:16.

Get help from others. The Bible encourages us to just accept help from others who understand the Bible. (Acts 8:30, 31) Jehovah’s Witnesses offer a free Bible study program. Just like the early Christians, they use Scriptural references to assist others discern what the Bible really teaches.—Acts 17:2, 3.

Things you don’t need
High intellect or education. Jesus’ twelve apostles understood the Scriptures and taught them to others, although the apostles were considered by some to be “unlettered and ordinary.”—Acts 4:13.

Money. You can learn what the Bible teaches without price. Jesus told his disciples: “You received free, give free.”—Matthew 10:8.


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