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Why depression should not be termed as temporary

Depression as a mental disease is on the rise in India. From teens to even senior citizens suffer from this mental ailment. As per doctors most of those patients who suffer from depression tend to run away from the fact that it is a mental disorder that needs to be treated. This is usually due to the social stigma attached to depression. For those who do not understand what depression is often term it to be a “phase” or call it being sad. The fact is though, there is a world of difference between depression and being sad. But yet many people consider it to be only an emotional phase that has a temporary effect on someone and can that one can get rid of it easily. Most people who confront their near and dear ones about depression have been neglected. This article is to remind all of you that depression is not a temporary phase. It is a severe mental illness that needs to be taken care of and dealt with utmost seriousness.


Here are some negative effects of depression. Read below to find out:

It can have a permanent impact on your sleep

This is one of the most common problem of untreated depression and it does not go away with time. For those who consider depression as a phase need to understand that depression can have a very negative impact on your sleep pattern. Most patients suffer through the problem of excessive loss of sleep. This excessive loss of sleep can cause health issues like lack of proper focus, tiredness and also loss of energy. It can also lead to excessive loss of weight or increase in weight. It makes a person feel hopeless and helpless. These are thoughts that often bring in suicidal thoughts in the minds of those who suffer from depression. For this very reason it is important to understand how severe depression is as a mental issue and needs to be treated from the best hospitals.

It has a negative impact on your physical health

As per research conducted in many of the clinics it has been found that untreated depression can have an adverse & permanent impact on one’s physical health. Some of the most common ailments that people who suffer from depression are coronary heart disease, stroke and even diabetes. Many doctors in Dubai have suggested that those who suffer from depression cannot make good life choices or healthy choices and thus can ruin their overall physical health. It is also difficult for such patients to follow the advice given by their doctors and can have higher risks of physical health problems like heart attack.


Depression can have many other adverse effects on one’s well-being; be it positive or negative and hence it is something that needs to be treated and should not be ignored just as a temporary phase.


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