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Winter body care routine

There’s an entire range of problems from dry skin to rough hair that make skin care in winters a tedious task.

The bad news is, they’re a nuisance to have.

The good news is, they’re all temporary and simply manageable.

Following are a number of the most common conditions faced by individuals throughout winters, and simple yet effective measures that can be taken to keep them under control-

1) dryness Of Skin:

Human skin contains a number of different functions. one among the foremost vital function when it comes to hydration is the function of water storage; skin works as a water reservoir and serves to maintain hydration levels of our bodies during times of dehydration. Skin retains water because its top layer is covered by layers after layers of dead cells that are bonded by a ‘cement’ comprising of lipids. It’s this cement that holds the water inside and prevents dryness.

This should be remembered that once the skin is well-hydrated, it stops absorbing more water no matter how much you moisturise it.

The hydration of our skin depends upon multiple factors, including the relative {humidity ratio} of the environment: because of a difference in levels of humidity between our skin and the atmosphere, the water tends to move from the area of higher density (more humidity) to the area of the lower density (less humidity). During summers, there’s a higher humidity in the surroundings, and our skin remains supple and well-hydrated. It even gets oily and sweaty because as sweat doesn’t evaporate, it makes a layer of moisture over our skin, causing accumulation of sebum under it. In winter, on the other hand, the atmospherically humidity falls tremendously. Due to this lower relative humidity, the water from our skin evaporates into the atmosphere so as to maintain the balance. This leads to dryness of the skin.

Now, this dry skin is usually a natural process. However, severe dryness may lead to cracks and fissures in the skin, which might get painful. Such cracks can even become points of entry of various pathogenic microorganisms, resulting in infections.

2) Itching

another very common complaint in winter is generalized itching all over the body. Usually, such itching isn’t related to any other skin signs, except dryness and white lines wherever one scratches. It sometimes gets even worse at night, or a few minutes after taking a shower.

This itching is a direct result of dryness. Although there’s no single cause that can be pinpointed for this itch, it relates to a local disturbance in the structure of the skin, resulting in irritation in free nerve endings that lie inside it, which results in itching.

Now here is a problem: although it at first feels good to scratch such an itch, however, scratching the skin leads to terribly temporary relief. This period of relief is followed by a lot of itching, scratching which ends up in even a lot of itching and so on. This is what’s referred to as an itch-scratch cycle: The more you scratch, the more it itches.

3) Dermatitis

there are two basic reasons for the development of dermatitis like eczema during winters:

1. Aggravation of a Chronic Disease:

Eczema is a disease which is characterised by intense itching. One among the various factors that worsen eczema is skin’s inability to retain moisture. Thus it’s quite normal for the eczemas associated with dry skin (like atopic dermatitis and Asteatotic Eczema) to get aggravated during cold dry winters.

2. Development Of a new Disease:

Sometimes, because of continuous dry skin and scratching, new dermatitis (like Lichen Simplex Chronicus) develops on a healthy skin.

4) Dryness Of Lips:

Another very common disease that’s faced in winters is chapped lips which, like skin, start bleeding and fissuring if not treated promptly. There are two important reasons that cause an excessive dryness of lips in winters:

1) Low atmospherically humidity

Just like the dryness of the rest of the skin, a lower relative humidity greatly dries up the lips. However, lips suffer from this dryness to a larger extent because lips have far fewer layers of the skin as compared to the rest of the body. Being thinner and more delicate, they lose water faster and face greater consequences.

2) Licking the Lips

another huge reason for lip dryness is something that causes the dryness to extend well after the winter is over. It’s something that nearly everybody who faces dryness of lips does instinctively: Licking the lips to keep them moist.

But how does licking the lip make them drier, you say?

Well, saliva does that

the saliva in our mouth performs multiple roles like keeping the morsel in the mouth moist for easy digestion and passage through the gut. However, one among the vital functions saliva performs is digestion. You see, the digestion of our food starts from the mouth, where different enzymes (like Amylase) present in our saliva tend to breakdown carbohydrates into simple sugars. The thing is, such digestive enzymes conjointly act on our lips since our lips. As a result, our lips ‘corrode’ because of excessive saliva, leading to additional dryness, chapping, and even bleeding and secondary bacterial infections.

5) Rough and Dry hair

every person with hair on their head experiences rough and dry hair in winters. It generally gets thus severe that dominant the hair becomes associate degree arduous task. Regardless of what proportion you shampoo, the hairs become uncombed once they dry up.


1. Moisturize

you cannot have enough of moisturization once it involves hindrance of dry skin. The largest question individuals raise once prescribed a moisturizer is:

“Which moisturizer is that the best?”

Well, no moisturizer is healthier than the remainder. It all primarily involves the presence of any previous malady (like eczema), personal preference, the presence of bound ingredients and therefore the value (some of the simplest moisturizers are usually the most affordable ones). Creams are higher than lotions. Similarly, merchandise that contain humectants (like carbamide and glycerine) work higher than those while not them. Finally, a lot of usually than not, it’s the strategy of application of a moisturizer than the moisturizer itself.

Note: If you have got associate degree acne-prone skin, I counsel you visit a medical specialist before employing a moisturizer. Skin condition patients have a perplexity to face in winters: If they get skin condition treated, their skin dries up, if they treat skin status, skin condition will flare up. Thus you may be needing a fragile balance between moisturizing and status to stop skin condition flare-up!

2. Humidifier

a very effective tool within the fight against status are a few things referred to as a ‘room humidifier’. It’s a machine that ceaselessly sprays steam so the ratio of the area is maintained. This prevents loss of wet from the skin.

3. Moisturizing wash

the first issue you wish to try and do in winters when obtaining a decent moisturizer is to administer up victimization beauty and anti-bacterial soaps and shower gels. These soaps and shower gels strip the skin of its natural super molecule barrier operate, leading to a many-fold increase in skin status. You need to switch to moisturizing soaps, face- and body-wash instead. Conjointly obtainable are moisturizing bathtub oils that may be additional to water and make a protecting layer of wet on your bodies when a shower.

4. Treat the skin disorder

treating skin disorder is associate degree exasperating task in winters. A bit like status, moisturizers stay the mainstay of the treatment. However, patients with {eczema skin malady disease of the skin|skin disorder|skin problem|skin condition} may need totally different doses of internal secretion creams to suppress the disease. Also, patients with skin disorder could also be suggested perfume-free moisturizers just in case of eczema to perfumes. It’s forever advisable to go to a medical specialist earlier in winters if you suffer from skin disorder.

5. Moisturise the hair

totally different oils or serums can achieve this (again, no oil is better than the other). Focus more on moisturizing the tips of the hair as it is where split-ends originate.

6. Use cream-based cosmetics

using cream-based cosmetics will prove to be a two-in-one solution: they’ll provide aesthetic delight, as well as create a layer of moisture. Powder-based cosmetics cause more dryness and aren’t suggested in winter. Water-based cosmetics will simply dry-out.

7. be careful when toning

Toners contain alcohols in several proportions. Alcohol is a big NO-NO when it comes to dry skin, because it dries skin even more. In winters, try change to toners that contain more of humectants and less of alcohol (also referred to as skin bracers or skin fresheners)


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