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2019 Bhogi | Bhogi Pandigai

In Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, Sankranti is celebrated for four days. The certain rituals are followed during each of the four days and those days are known as

Day one – Bhogi which is also referred to as Bhogi Pandigai.
Day two – Makar Sankranti which is known as Pedda Panduga in Andhra Pradesh and Pongal in Tamil Nadu.
Day three – Kanuma Panduga in Andhra Pradesh and Mattu Pongal in Tamil Nadu.
Day four – Mukkanuma in Andhra Pradesh and Kaanum Pongal in Tamil Nadu.

Bhogi is the 1st day of the four days Sankranti festivities and it’s observed one day before of main Makara Sankranti day. On Bhogi day, individuals discard previous and derelict things that aren’t any longer in use. Individuals rise before dawn and light bonfire, famously referred to as Bhogi Mantalu, with wood and different solid fuels. Derelict wood items at home are offered to the fire as a Bhogi ritual. Individuals conjointly lit crackers early in the morning.

Bhogi Pallu

In several Telugu families in Andhra, children between the age group of 3 to 6 are showered with Indian jujube fruit referred to as Regi Pallu. The youngsters are dressed up in colourful attires, including ancient Langa-Voni for the women, for the occasion. A potpourri of Regi Pallu, Senagalu (soaked and drained black grams), flower petals, pieces of sugarcane, jaggery and coins are showered on them. It’s believed that the ritual of Bhogi Pallu protects kids from looking at, bless the kids with material abundance and long life.

Apart from the ritual of Regi Pallu, Ariselu Adugulu is also organized for youths. Ariselu(s), which is a sweet dish made from rice, are placed on the floor and little children are asked to walk on them. Ariselu Adugulu is celebrated to mark the occasion when the child learns to take its first step.

To mark the occasion of Bhogi, various Rangoli competitions are organized and the huge and colourful Rangolis of bright hues are drawn outside home and buildings. Many families show Bommala-Koluvu of many tiers at home. On Bhogi day sweets are prepared in generous quantities and distributed among families and friends.

Bhogi Pandigai

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