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The history of Lohri

There is a huge tract of semi-parched landscape lying between the rivers Chenab and Ravi called the Saandal Bar. (It currently falls in the regions of Sheikhupura and Faislabad. Pakistan) The individuals of this zone were known to give the stiffest resistance to the Muslim raiders. They never made good on any duties; rather, they straightforwardly challenged the specialists and enjoyed plundering the imperial processions and fortunes. Saandal and a warlord of Bhatti Rajput family drove these tribals.

Sovereign Jahangir, the beneficiary clear, terminated with energy to demonstrate his ability completed crusades to unite the Mughal expert in the district. He caught and executed Saandal and his child, Farid. Their skins were stripped off and hung at the Delhi entryway of the Fort of Lahore to impart a feeling of dread among the agitators.

Be that as it may, the child of Farid, Abdullah or Dullah as he is affectionately called, remained undaunted and proceeded with his disobedient exercises. Dullah earned reputation according to specialists. He, similar to Robin Hood, plundered rich landowners and Imperial officials and appropriated the goods among poor people.

He came to be viewed as a dad figure for the troubled and mistreated and turned into a living exemplification of the gallant and common, socio-social character of the district. Dullah was the contemporary of one more Super Human, Poet Divine, Sri Guru Arjan Dev, the Fifth Sikh Guru, who relinquished his life at the special raised area of humankind at Lahore.

It is accepted that Dullah had reestablished the eminence of a guiltless young lady whose unobtrusiveness was offended by a Mughal general. Dullah had received this young lady as his little girl and masterminded her marriage in the Jungles of ‘Saandal Bar’.

Source: India Fairs

As there was no cleric close by to recite the Vedic Hymns and solemnize the marriage, Dullah had lit a blaze and made an impromtu song:

Sundar Mundariye…… The bride and the groom were asked to take pheras of the bonfire as Dullah sang this hilarious song. The ‘ho’s are in chorus…..
Sunder mundriye ho! ( Oh, you pretty lass)
Tera kaun vicaharaa ho! (Who is your protector, you pitiable one? )
Dullah Bhatti walla ho! (There’s this man called Dullah, from Village Bhatti)
Dullhe di dhee vyayae ho! (Dullah’s getting her married as his own daughter)
Ser shakkar payee ho! (He gave 1 kg sugar!)
Kudi da laal pathaka ho! (The girl is wearing a red suit!)
Kudi da saalu paatta ho! (But her shawl is torn!)
Saalu kaun samete ho ! (Who will stitch her shawl?)
Chacha gaali dese ho! (Her Uncle will scold her)
Chacha choori kutti ho! (The uncle made choori {a Punjabi dish}!) zamidara lutti ho! (The landlords ate it!)
Zamindaar bulaye ho! (Dullah gave the landlords lots more to eat!) Ginn-ginn bhole aaye ho! (Lots of innocent guys came). Ek bhola reh gaya! (One innocent boy got left behind) Sipahee pakad ke lai gaya! (The police arrested him!) Sipahee ne mari itt! (The policeman hit him with a brick!) Bhavai ro te bhavai pit! (Now, you may cry or howl!)
Sanu de de lohri, jeeve teri jodi! (Give us our Lohri & may you live long as a couple!)

Source: India Fairs

Til (Sesame seeds) and Rorhi (a type of sweet jaggery in Punjabi) are intended to keep the body warm. These two terms Til+ Rorhi joined to shape Tilrorhi, which in the end was defiled to – Lohri.

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