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Why suicide is not a solution

With the fast paced life that we live in, most of us often are caught up in mental distress. This mental distress many times leads to depression or anxiety. These mental issues if not tackled at the right time or treated at the right time can often lead to suicidal thoughts. When a person feels suicidal he or she feels like you cannot take anything any longer. The pain and suffering that you go through you start blaming yourself and start feeling that there is absolutely no hope left for you. 

If you are someone who has been feeling these things or know someone who is going through a phase like this, the first thing that you need to do is to seek help of a professional who can help you get out of this mess. We say so because suicide is never a wise option and it will never end your problems rather would increase it for those who have been attached it to you over the years. On the occasion of World Suicide Prevention Day, we have listed down some reasons that rightly prove why suicide is never the right solution for any of your problems. Read below to know more about it:

Certain things change

No matter what situation you are going through you need to remember that there are different phases of life and that nothing is permanent. If you are going through a very rough patch today you need to remember that this rough patch is not going to last forever and that there are going to be better and happier moments in your life. Always believe in the rule of life that nothing is permanent and that your problems to aren’t going to stay with you forever.

There are various other options

It is true that during a tough phase like this you are bound to feel confused and lost but you need to understand that there are always going to be better options than committing suicide. The best way to understand this is by finding them yourself. It is you who will have to take the first step when it comes to resolving crisis in your life. The best way to do so is by seeking help from a qualified professional.

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You don’t know what future has for you

While at the moment you maybe sad, angry and depressed and may not know whom to turn to you never have to forget the fact that there is always going to be a better tomorrow. If you ever encounter suicidal thoughts remember the 99% rule and keep in mind that nobody can predict what is going to happen tomorrow with 100% certainty. This one percent of uncertainty can make a world of difference and can in fact turn things around that can benefit you.

Visit your nearby hospital

When it is extremely difficult to control such thoughts and when you think that it has become really too bad don’t be ashamed or scared about yourself and drop everything and visit the nearby hospital. This is so because there are always going to be people who can take care of your situation.

Think about those who love you

While we kept this point at the last to discuss, let us tell you that this is probably one of the most important things that you need to keep in mind. Your loved ones and your friends are the ones who will be most affected if you decide to take a drastic step like committing suicide. You’re not just ending your life but you’re ending lives of all those who have been attached to you over the years. Remember that regardless of what your situation is you have people who believe in you & are always going to be by your side and that just like you need them they need you too!

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