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Tips to stay happy every day

Having a happy and calm mind has multiple benefits. If you are someone who has found yourself going through certain motions, let us tell you the time has come for you to start changing your story. In fact staying happy does not need too many efforts from your end either. We can assure you that there are very simple and quick ways that you can follow which can bring about effective changes in your overall behavior and more happiness in your life. We have listed down some of the important tips to stay happy every day. Read below to know more about it

Get at least 7 to 9 hours of sleep every day 

Believe it or not but the key to having a happy and productive day is when you get enough sleep. This is so because those who do not get ample of sleep often face problems such as lack of alertness and concentration. Not only this, but such people are also more prone to suffer from various health issues such as obesity and lack of ability in maintaining good relationships with others. A nice tip for you to get a good night’s sleep is by taking a warm shower just before you hit the bed. Also make sure that you keep your phone out of sight or try the reverse psychology method.

Wake up 30 minutes early every day

This is particularly for all the serial snoozers out there. When you adopt the 7 to 9 hours of sleep schedule every night, waking up earlier should be within reach. When you start waking up at least 30 minutes early it allows you the presence of mind to kick start your day positively. You will immediately start noticing a positive change in your attitude as well.


This is perhaps one of the most important tips you need to follow if you want to stay happy all day long. We recommend that you meditate at least 5 to 10 minutes after you wake up. Meditating every day after you get up has many advantages including heightened inner clarity. It also improves your overall focus. 

Learn something new

We can understand that taking up a new challenge that you may not have tried in the past can sound counterintuitive to happiness, let us tell you that when you try to learn something new it boosts your well-being. Not just this learning also helps in building your self-confidence and keeps your mind sharp.

Walk every day

Doctors suggest that walking at least 30 minutes a day will help in adjusting your nervous system thereby decreasing symptoms of anger or anxiety. Not just this, it can also help you motivate and take small actions which will benefit your mood. 

Stop cribbing and feeling jealous

This is probably one of the most important tip that you need to inculcate today if you really want a happy mind. Cribbing over small issues or feeling jealous about someone else’s success or happiness will never bring you success or happiness yourself. The important point to keep in mind here is to have a calm mind and allow only positive thoughts flow in your mind! This is so because a positive mind is always a happy mind! 

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