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Oral sex is the act of sexual stimulation on your partner using your mouth, tongue or lips and is a part of a healthy and natural sexual activity. However, there are numerous misconceptions about it and it is even thought of an inferior in certain places.

Read on to clear all your health confusion and safety concerns regarding oral sex.

  1. Oral sex is a form of sexual activity but indulging in it, doesn’t mean you lose your virginity. Virginity is lost only through penetration. It is a part of foreplay meant to increase pleasure. All sexes can indulge in it and it doesn’t include the contact of sexual organs of both the partners
  2. Since there is no penetration, there will be no semen released in the vagina. Which means that there is no way for the sperms to get in contact with the ovum or the egg inside the female body. Hence, there is no chance of pregnancy.
  3. Oral sex is fun but you need to be safe too! Condoms aren’t just supposed to be used in penetrative sex but also are to be used when performing oral sex. This is because condoms provide protection against sexually transmitted diseases or infections.
  4. Oral sex can give you orgasms. It is healthy, natural and performed for sexual stimulation. With the right amount of stimulation, it can take you right where you want to go.
  5. The hygiene of Oral sex depends on the partners. Make sure to use the washroom before and after sex. Assure each other that you are free of STI’s and use a condom. Wear clean undergarments.


One thing to remember before all of this is – not everyone is comfortable performing sexual acts orally, so ensure that both you and your partner and ready and willing in order to have consent and take the maximum pleasure for the both of you.

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