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We’ve all heard of sleep walking and sleep talking, but did you know that there is also sleep- intercourse.

Yes, this is real and not fabricated! Imagine losing quality sleep due to sex! Usually, having any sort of sexual activity results in better sleep, but doing it while you’re asleep might not be the best experience. Why? Well, for starters, they don’t even remember doing it!

Sexsomnia is a disorder wherein people engage in sexual activities while asleep. This includes anything from self pleasuring, to kissing to the actual act itself.


Prevalent in around 7.6% of the population, the condition usually has the most effect during REM cycle when the brain isn’t fully asleep but is slightly awake. Hence, to them it is as if they are dreaming of doing the things they are actually doing. It is unconscious and patients become aware of it only after their partner or someone who is in the room with them informs them of the same

Symptoms include pelvic thrusting, foreplay, indulging in behaviour which mimics sexual interest and keeping vacant eye contact throughout. Their eyes may be open, but that doesn’t mean they are awake.

The episodes are usually a lot more aggressive than regular sex and the pace is rapid too which is why it is necessary to treat it as soon as it is discovered.

Sexsomnia should not be confused with sex dreams.

The most common reason for sexsomnia is stress and sleep deprivation which is the cause of most sleep disorders.

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Therapy treatment for patients suffering from sexomnia has proven to be effective. Sometimes sleep medicines are also prescribed. Although certain medicines pose a risk too!

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