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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and with it is the fragrance of love in the air.  Everyone is excited to share special moments with their special someone’s. A dinner date, followed by a glass of wine and some quality alone time is every couple valentine dream.

But, let’s hope this is dream never becomes a nightmare. The only way to ensure this is to be safe. Practice safe sex so you never have to worry about unwanted pregnancy. The best way to do so is by using condoms that are easily available at the local chemist. One can even order them online without any issues with apps like pharm-easy.


Here are some of the most common condom questions, answered!

  1. Are condoms completely safe?
    Condoms protect you against unwanted pregnancy. Ensure that the condom isn’t torn before discarding it just to be safe. Although this rarely happens.
    Condoms are also effective against sexually transmitted diseases.
  2. What if, just to be safe, two condoms are used instead of one?
    This is not a good idea! The friction between the two condoms may result in them tearing or breaking. You are much safer using one condom at a time.
  3. What happens if a condom fails?
    The possibility of this happening is very rare. However, if you notice a tear in the condom do not panic. Because there is a chance that the female may get pregnant, opt for emergency contraception that are readily available over the counter at any chemist. After a couple of weeks, take a pregnancy and STD test to be sure.
  4. Can a condom be re-used?
    A condom is for single use only. They also have a limited shelf life so make sure to check for the expiry date. Store them in a cool and dry place.


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