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All about Sikh Wedding Rituals!

In a traditional Sikh Weddings, even the smallest of rituals hold deep significance on the whole ceremony. thus grab your cup of coffee, sit back and prepare yourself to like yet another piece of wedding gyaan.

Here’s everything you need to know about Sikh Wedding Rituals.

Pre-Wedding Rituals

All about Sikh Wedding Rituals!

1) Choora Ceremony

A set of 21 bangles are selected by the bride’s maternal uncle (mama) and aunt (mami) and they later gift it to the bride during the Choora ceremony which happens on the morning of the wedding day. The bangles (red, pink, orange) are first purified with milk and rose petals then put on the bride’s wrist. after which, the wrist is covered with a white cloth, so the bride cannot see it till she is totally ready for the marriage ceremony.

2) Gana Ceremony

In this ritual, a red thread is tied on the right wrist of the groom and the left wrist of the bride to protect them from bad omen.

3) Vatna Ceremony

It happens just before the marriage day in which a paste made from turmeric and mustard oil is applied to the couple to cleanse them.

4) Gharoli Ceremony

It is another vital ritual where bride’s sister together with some other relatives goes to gurudwara to fill an stuff pot with water that the groom uses to bathe when the Vatna.

Gharoli Ceremony

5) Mehendi

Mehendi ceremony is held a day before the marriage. the colour of the henna is said to symbolize the love between the couple- the darker the colour, the stronger the bond.

Wedding Rituals

1) Haar Ceremony

Haar Ceremony

On the day of the marriage, the groom’s sisters tie a flower veil around his forehead that is followed by currency garland around his neck known as ‘haar’.

2) Laavaan Phere

Both the families attend the Gurudwara sahib for Lavaan phere, where the ardaas is recited. The Lavaan phere are the four prayers chanted as the couple moves in a clockwise direction round the Guru Granth Sahib (the holy book). The ceremony ends with final prayers and the distribution of the guruprasad.

Post Wedding Rituals

1) Doli

Once the marriage ceremony is over, the bride changes into an outfit gifted by her in-laws and bids farewell to her family.

2) Welcome

The groom’s mother welcomes the newlywed couple by pouring some oil at the doorway of their home before the couple enters. this is followed by a family to celebrate the bride’s arrival.

3) Reception

A reception is then organized by the groom’s parents to formally introduce the couple to their extended relatives.

4) Pag Phera

In this ritual, the bride visits her maternal home for the first time after her wedding. There, she is greeted with gifts and blessings to commemorate her wedding.

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