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The Tradition of wearing choora.

Nothing matches the wonder of an Indian bride. Indian girls look their best after they are dressed up in their bridal outfit. The gorgeous bridal dress with lots of jewellery. Of the bridal jewellery, some pieces worn by the bride are of great importance. The Mangalsutra, to start out with, is one in all the foremost important accessories that a bride should wear. Similarly, there’s the choora or the red bangles that a bride wears on her wedding. Ever wondered what’s the importance of wearing choora? Then browse through the article. A choora could be a set of red and white bangles that should be obligatorily worn by the bride on her wedding. The white bangles could replaced by alternative colours according to the traditions. However sometimes the tradition has been to incorporate these 2 colours.


The tradition of carrying the choora originated in Punjab. It’s a tradition typically followed by the Hindus mostly. But even Sikhs follow the tradition of carrying choora. Take a glance at the rituals of putting on the choora by the bride and also the importance of carrying the choora.

Customs associated with The Choora

The choora ceremony is held on the morning of the marriage. The bride’s maternal uncle gives her the choora that includes a set of twenty one bangles in red and white colours. The bride isn’t allowed to see the choora until she gets totally dressed and sits on her wedding venue with the groom. According to the traditions a bride should wear choora for at least a year. Once the colour starts to fade the in-laws should get it re-coloured. However these days, the brides usually wear the choora for forty days after the marriage and then take it off. Traditionally, after the first anniversary of the couple, the in-laws would organize for little ceremony on an auspicious day. Then the choora would be removed and get replaced with glass bangles. Sweets and gifts would be distributed. The choora should be ideally taken off close to a river and with a small prayer, it’s put into the river water. If the bride gets pregnant before a year, then the choora should be taken off.

Significance of the Choora carrying

The choora signifies the status of a married woman. It’s conjointly an indication of fertility and prosperity. It’s worn for the wellbeing of the husband. The bride isn’t allowed to see the choora until the marriage because out of excitement, her own evil eye could bring misfortune. Thus the bride’s eyes are closed once the choora is put on by her relatives. With the ever-changing times, the customs are being changed in step with the wants. However some traditions are still practiced and will be practiced for the years to come. Wearing the wedding bangles is additionally one of them

Bride with her choora on her wedding day.

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