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Diets are scary – Don’t eat this, Don’t eat that, stick to this and so on… We know changing our lifestyle would be good for us but accomplishing that is definitely not easy. Imagine not eating what you love!

A characteristic of a good diet is that it lets you get a healthy weight, while not compromising on your well-being or other health factors. Diets should never mean weakness or fatigue. So here are the best diet options for you:

1. TLC diet

The TLC Diet is short for Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes Diet. The main objective of the diet is feed your cravings but with healthier choices. If you’re craving something sweet, opt for fruit salad instead of anything with processed sugars. Your body needs healthy fats in order to lower bad cholesterol which is why it recommends limiting cholesterol, saturated fats and sodium, with 30 minutes of exercise daily

This diet also doesn’t call for too much restriction. The occasional indulgence is allowed as long as your daily diet is filled with the adequate amount of healthy fats based on your weight and height.

2. Volumetrics:

The focus of the Volumetrics diet is to fill up on foods naturally low in calories, and high in fibre and water. Foods that can be eaten here are vegetables, fruits and soups. The best part about this diet is that you will never have to compromise on taste.

volumetric diet

The diet breaks food into four groups –

Group 1 and 2: These contain the healthier options which are to be eaten daily.  Foods like fruits, vegies, low-fat meat and legumes come under this category

Group 3: The foods to be eaten here include cheese, pizza and bread and are to be eaten mindfully; and

Group 4 is to be eaten minimally, with foods such as chocolate and biscuits.

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