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How To Control Obesity (Overweight) In Winters

Today, we are faced with an unprecedented obesity pandemic that is propelling a dramatic rise in chronic age-related diseases. In fact, individuals who are overweight worldwide now outnumber those undernourished.The winter months can bring on new challenges in staying motivated to work out – shorter days, colder temperatures, snow, rain etc., can make it harder to get outside. It can also be tempting to overindulge in food and drink. Good delicious food not only becomes a necessity for us during the winter but also becomes a habit for us this is because during the winter seasons our metabolic rates go up and our body demands for more food as the food that we consume digests faster as compared to other seasons. This high consumption of high caloric food leads to obseity issues during winter, to avoid this one must strictly avoid fast food and junk food. We should consume food which are not only nutritious but also doesn’t allow us to put on weight, we should have vegetables like carrot and instead of having a halwa made of carrot which has high calories we should consume carrot in the form of a side dish or in salad which will be nutritious as well as a low fat diet. Consume a lot of vegetables in the form of soups without adding cream to it which will give you all the nutrition of the vegetable and will not let you increase weight. Apart from this use nuts, peanuts , sesame seeds , jaggery etc in low quantity this will give you energy in small amount as over consumption of this will lead to obesity, we also need to ensure that we shouldn’t consume these things in fried form. Consuming food in boiled , cooked , raw or in juice form and avoiding fried and junk food with not only give you energy and nutrition during winters but also will help you maintain weight and avoid obesity which usually comes during this season.

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