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A story that shocked all the people around – not just women – A mother of three children recently found out that both her breasts were removed unnecessarily because of faulty information from the genetic test results that she took!

Maureen Boesen who lives in Kansas City is 32 years old and has had a double mastectomy after she learned that she was prone to have Breast Cancer due to a genetic mutation. The doctor believed that the lady had a 70% risk of getting the disease. There was also a risk of ovarian cancer.


The news wasn’t hard to believe and Maureen believed the doctor easily. Her mother was diagnosed with stage II breast cancer at 32 and her grandmother passed away early of Ovarian cancer.

Because of the long history that started in1863, the family were part of a study at university in the 1990s that focused on identifying breast cancer-associated genes. Maureen 5 at the time, decided to learn her results at age 21.

By the time she was 23, she decided to remove both breasts, slashing  her risk by 95 percent.

Almost a decade later, the mother decided to remove her uterus too. But for that, she needed to get another genetic test done to prove to her insurance provider she was positive for the mutation.

But to her utter disbelief – the second and the third test came back negative for the gene mutation. The outcome had mixed reactions. She cried uncontrollably – although uncertain whether to be happy for the negative or sad that she carried an unnecessary burden for so long in her life.

double mastectomy

Unfortunately for her, the statute of limitations had expired on her case and she couldn’t file a malpractice case.

The university that had conducted them had two independent labs confirm that she was negative for the mutation.

Her hope is to inspire other to get a second opinion. She wants to tell people to trust their doctors, but that they know their body best and so seek other answer if you have even the slightest doubt. Even if you don’t, a second opinion never hurt anyone.

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