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Important Internal and External Check-up For Women

to make your body more healthy and to live your life more beautifully it is very important to take care of your health properly then only you can enjoy every moment, if your health is good enough then only you can enjoy the moments like walking, eating etc., people think that they are healthy but in reality they are not so healthy or they think that they are healthy but they are deteriorating their healthy by ignoring the sign or facts. Every Women should not ignore these things they should always get an internal check-up done with their respective doctors, in this general check-up lungs, heart and other general check-ups, in additional some tests are like level of haemoglobin, blood sugar level in their body whether it is normal or not, lipid profile, if a women is gaining weight then we should get our lipid profile checked that the level of cholesterol is in control or not, chances of heart disease are in control or not, then ECG test is should be done regularly to make sure that heart is working properly, x-ray is not necessary every year, but breast examination is important, A women should know how breast examination can be done by their own every month, and every year they can go for breast examination from doctor. Then vaginal test should be done which check the changes in cells it is done by collecting vaginal and cervical discharge to check the chances of vaginal cancer, ultrasound of stomach and pelvic, as according to growing age in women there are many ovary tumours which increases by time and women cannot feel them even sometimes doctors also miss them so in ultrasound this ovary tumours can be detected.

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