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Did you know that March is the Endometriosis?

It is not surprising that a lot of people probably wouldn’t have even heard of this term. The condition is associated with the monthly menstrual cycle which is such a huge taboo that people refrain from even speaking about it.


What exactly is endometriosis?

Endometriosis is a condition when your monthly periods become extremely painful and threatening for your health and can also hamper your fertility. Although usually, it affects women between the age of 25-30, it can affect any female who has got her periods.


The condition is such that the lining in the uterus starts growing and spreads outside the uterus when it should be inside. The Uterus, abdominal lining as well as the bladder are encroached with it. This leads to swelling, unimaginable pain and increased blood flow. This pain is so intense it can be felt while performing simple bodily functions too like urinating, passing stools and sexual intercourse.

Unfortunately the stigma around periods is so bad, that most women consider it to be regular period pain and keep mum suffering in silence.


Endometriosis also results in blood entering the ovaries resulting in cysts and increasing pain. It could also result in ovarian cancer.

Endometriosis could also cause infertility. Most women are asked to save or store their eggs incase they might not be able to get pregnant later.


– higher intensity and longer duration of pain
-higher blood flow
-period poop is normal, but digestive issues before and after your periods isn’t. –Swelling of the abdominal area
-Pain during intercourse, or while performing regular bodily functions like urination or passing stool
-Infertility issue


There is no particular treatment to eradicate it completely. But changes in diet and lifestyle and medicines help alleviate the pain to a great extent. The earlier it is detected, the better. During more severe conditions, it becomes difficult to perform day to day activities. Only and only when it gets risky is surgery even considered as an option

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