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Menopause Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Menopause is the process through which a woman ceases to be fertile or menstruate. It is a normal part of life and is not considered a disease or a condition.Symptoms may occur years before a woman’s final period. Some women may experience symptoms for months or years afterward.While menopause is not a disease or disorder, it does trigger some profound changes in a woman’s body. It is the law of nature that whatever comes needs to go, it is the same with fertility also. It is a very important time in a woman life when she hits puberty and she gets her first period this is when she is fertile and then there comes a time when the body isn’t fertile anymore and the body ends the fertility cycle in a woman’s body. Every woman needs to be prepared to face this time the women who are equipped to handle this situation mentally smoothly pass this phase, they tend to get less effected by the effects of menopause and they are able to pass the phase very easily. In Indian Women the age to reach menopause of about 50 to 52 years of age, menopause only happens of the person does not get periods for an year if one misses periods for a a few months or if there is no periods for about 5 to 6 months and then the periods come it is not a menopause – it is only when there are no periods for continuously one year when it is called a menopause. During this period of time women must ensure a few things like food habits, one should ensure that the good we are consuming is protein and calcium rich. One should be conscious about the nutrients in the food we are consuming we should consume a lot of milk and milk products like curd, butter and cheese we should also include soya into our diet. Another important thing is to exercise regularly, we should do exercise according to our age and capabilities. One of the most effective exercise is to go for walks, the distance can be set according to our capabilities distance where one doesn’t get exhausted or need to catch breath, we should gradually increase the distance and speed of our walks. If you have a lot of responsibilities at home and if time doesn’t permit you to go on walks or do exercises then you should practice yoga at home, we should learn and practice yoga because during raging one suffers from problems like diabetes, cholesterol and blood pressure it is very important for us to practice the right yoga practices as per our body requirements we should know what asanas to do and what asanas to avoid if he have certain ailments or problems. Women get irritated during this time which one should be conscious about if you have health issues discuss with the doctor if you have emotional issues then discuss  with your husband, friend or relatives discuss with whomever you can trust and rely upon. It is very important to discuss such matters as it allows the brain to be stress free which will help you to be peaceful during this change of time.

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