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In a rare case, surgeons performed a surgery on an unborn baby! We found it hard to believe it too.

This new breakthrough took place in London. A routine check for the 26 year old mother, Bethan Simpson turned into a nightmare. She was 20 weeks pregnant when she found something was terribly wrong with her baby.

The baby’s head looked different. The doctors said the little kid might have spina bifida and there was no chance for the child to survive. They told the distraught mother, termination was her only option.

spina bifida in the head

The mother refused to give up hope and found a hospital in London that although confirmed the unborn baby’s condition, they also gave her hope!

A new option called fetal surgery – fixing her before she is born! Seemingly an impossible thing to do but if there was a chance of the baby’s survival. Bethan Simpson was willing to do anything.

On the 8th January 2019 they went for something called Fetal Repair for Spina Bifida. But it wasn’t easy. On a post on facebook, the mother said, “We also had to meet some seriously strict criteria. Me and baby went through amniocentesis and MRI and relentless scans. We got approved on the 17th December we planned for surgery. Our lives were such a rollercoaster for the next few weeks.”

Luckily, it all bore fruit and was a success! The baby completely healed was right where she needed to be – In her mother’s womb!

The baby’s brain looked good and her ventricles were normal. The lesion that threatened to disrupt the family was small and the mother-daughter duo crushed it to oblivion.

pregnant mother

This was only possible because of the relentless efforts of the best surgeons in London.

Sadly, a lot of babies are terminated and do not get a chance to fight like this little one did. Let’s hope a lot more parents are aware and gift their unborn babies a renewed chance at life.

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